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Bell’INVITO’s Handcrafted Desk Calendars are the Perfect Holiday Gifts

The limited-edition calendars are like pieces of art, with gilded edges and artisan-executed engravings.

Bell’INVITO is known for their incredibly high-quality paper goods; now, the stationery mavens have developed beautiful calendars ideal for gifting. Here are five reasons to invest in one before they sell out.

Each of the 12 calendar cards are double thick (2ply), 236-lb pure cotton paper. Why? This takes the printing techniques we use like a soldier on duty. Just look at that texture.

Letterpress (that dark grey pressed-in part) and engraving (the raised gold) have to be executed by artisans trained in opposing techniques on two very different machines, and they have to sync their work perfectly. In short, it takes skill and teamwork to achieve the Icon’s distinctive look.

Those ‘Tipped Corners’ are the new signature of our latest top-tier designs. Naturally, they were extended to this year’s Icon Calendar. The gold bevel alone is a feat of craftsmanship, and those pretty corner details add to the complexity, making it unmistakably Bell’INVITO.

Each month of the Icon Calendar is produced by hand in our studio. Our quality control team takes only the best pieces of from each month’s production and assembles a full calendar set. Of those sets, each is given a unique number. Due to the complexity, production is limited. No reorders are ever made.

Why all the effort? For starters, the Icon is designed for him or her. It is created specifically genderless placing emphasis solely on discriminating taste. Second, we believe form should hang out with function more often. Sure, it’s beautiful, well crafted, and every bit statement piece, but it also places all the recognized holidays and their dates spelled out at your fingertips. This little detail keeps data less than one click away, making it perfect for the consummate multi-tasker. Last, it’s simple. If you have a full year to spend with something, it should be a lot like you—beautiful, rare, and full of intrigue. And yes, you can request a specific numbered calendar—but you’ll have to move quickly! This year only 175 were made.

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