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An Expert Opinion on Why You Should Update Your Windows and Doors This Season

The functional facelift your home has been craving.

Unlike other big home purchases which you may make multiple times, like major appliances, cars, and even houses, the often one-time purchase of new windows and doors is especially daunting without the right guidance. The majority of homes built in the last few decades used single pane, aluminum windows so, if you’re noticing a decline in energy efficiency or outdated styling, you’re not alone! We called David Moore from Pella Windows & Doors to help demystify one of the most important investments any homeowner can make.

Keep Your Cool

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People are in the market for new windows and doors for a variety of reasons, primarily energy efficiency, home and lifestyle updates, and advances in industry technology. Staggering cooling bills during our Texas summers are not cute and much of this is attributed to outdated materials. Thinking about turning your old Aluminum into an Amalfi Coast vacay? Upgrade your windows and put the savings straight into your Italian getaway fund.

Step Up Your Style

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Moore describes windows and doors as the only product that can dramatically update your home’s exterior and interior style. People put a lot of thought and money into upgrading their decor, but let’s face it, all the steel fire pits and zen water features in the world won’t mask outdated indoor/outdoor transitions. Whether you’re more Kessler Park cottage or Park Cities sleek, make sure to choose a company like Pella that has many options for any home style.

Window #wellness

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SPF is an essential step in any skincare regime, but most people are neglecting UV protection for their decor. Furniture, rugs, even hardwood flooring can be ruined by daily sun exposure. After moving into a home with the most gorgeous natural light, my once buttery Chesterfield has a distinct, asymmetrical ombré effect. By upgrading to modern glass technology, you can protect your decor as you would your décolletage, with UV protection.

Silence 635

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Live near a busy street? In Dallas many of us do; the distant growl of Tollway traffic downgrades even the most luxurious spot in Preston Hollow. Moore reminds us that people want their homes to be a safe, beautiful retreat (not a reminder of rush-hour!) By switching to sound deadening glass, today could be the last day you hear your neighbor’s Napoleonic Norfolk Terrier (TTYL Sparky!).

Treat Your Space

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Our industry expert David Moore is the first to admit the process of purchasing new windows and doors can be daunting. Working with a company and individual you trust plays a big part in your satisfaction with the end result. Pella, for instance, has an almost endless selection of customizable options tailored to each specific home, and working with their team to simplify and streamline the process can save you time and money. Unlike most contractors, who need cash payments on the spot, they also work with customers on financing options. Moore’s other tip: leave window and door installation to the experts: this isn’t the project to outsource to your brother-in-law, even if he did a decent job hanging your ceiling fan last weekend.

If you’re like me, you’re already envisioning the upgrades you can make to your windows and doors. To talk to a Pella expert you can visit their website.