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Spring Forward: Fund This Season’s Wardrobe with Your Attic Clutter

The lucrative estate sale alternative that you may have never considered.
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Spring Forward: Fund This Season’s Wardrobe with Your Attic Clutter

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Whether you’re downsizing, redecorating or liquidating a family estate, the question of what to do with the things you don’t want or need is one you may have never encountered. We reached out to Scott Shuford of Dallas Auction Gallery to learn the most common mistakes and what could be consignment gold.

Bring Your Blog-worthy Best (and Leave the Rest)

In his classic, straight-shooting delivery, Shuford encourages customers to look around their homes objectively. The big, sturdy furniture that Boomers invested in 20 or 30 years ago just isn’t trending in the marketplace. Just because you paid big bucks for a 6-foot, designer TV armoire doesn’t mean the next generation of cable-cutting 30-somethings will want to do the same. Tastes change with the times and it’s best to go to the experts to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Ultimate Lazy Luxury: Bidding From Bed

The modern consignment auction has little in common with classic film depictions. Picture the cast of Clue sniping at each other with bid paddles and billions on the chopping block. Today, auction houses like Dallas Auction Gallery promote on social media, hold both local and live-streaming auctions, and reach a worldwide market of collectors, designers, and customers like you and me. As you can imagine, this a huge advantage over local estate sales, which can only bring in regional customers.

Let’s get started

In his more-than-a-hint of Texan drawl, Scott Shuford informs me the hot pieces at market now are fine and contemporary art, estate jewelry, mid-century furniture and (as always) Tiffany glass.

So you’ve picked up your iPhone again after tearing apart your closets, taking a flashlight to the back of the attic, looking for a brand stamped under your mid-century credenza, and you have some things within your collection you’re wondering how to price. Shuford advises doing some research to find a company you can trust. Dallas Auction Gallery is a Dallas-based, family-run business with nearly 20 years in the industry. Find a consignment company you can meet face-to-face, and discuss the logistics of promotion, marketing, and consignment fees (many Estate Sale companies charge 30-40% while auction houses like DAG charge as little as 15%).

The hot pieces at market now are Fine and Contemporary Art, Estate Jewelry, Mid-Century furniture and (as always) Tiffany Glass.

Next, email photos to the experts so they can have an idea if what you have is something they can sell (hello circa 1920’s heirloom ring from your ex, you never liked emerald cut anyway!). It’s likely they’ll want to come out and take a look in person. Don’t pre-edit too much (okay, they may not need to see your collection of decoupage Kleenex boxes) but that dusty painting from old uncle Alfred could fund your closet remodel. From there, Dallas Auction Gallery staff explains, their goal is to keep things simple for you. They handle the photography, cataloging, global marketing and the auction itself.

Not quite ready? Why not join us in drooling over Dallas Auction Gallery Fine Jewels Auction March 21? The preview hits online March 7th. Click here to learn more.

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