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Rolling Texas Hills and Beautiful Architecture Await in Fredericksburg

Explore the Newest Modern Farmhouse Community in Texas

Rolling Texas Hills and Beautiful Architecture Await in Fredericksburg

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As neighborhoods unfurl at the edges of cities and urbanites seek dense new communities, a corollary trend is also taking shape. The modern farmhouse is staking claim to rural areas, especially in growing towns like Fredericksburg, TX, where it establishes a sense of equilibrium with the land and the community.

In a world tightly wound in technology and developed with renewed urban density, the need to spread out is a natural response. Independent professionals have found that unironically, high speed connectivity through the web allows them to escape from the city without missing out on its culture. It’s now perfectly reasonable to work from home, and the Texas Hill Country offers respite and repose for those who have chosen to distance themselves from the city.

At Friedën, a master-planned community coming soon to Fredericksburg, the modern farmhouse concept meshes with a curvilinear landplan in new ways. Residents will build custom farmhouses of varying size on a multitude of lot types and elevations. Inspired by the concepts of architect Tim Brown, Friedën will exist with all of the perks of a new urban community, without the claustrophobic density.

The modern farmhouse as a concept depends on its surroundings. It is land that makes a homestead, and within the community setting, ample lots and curvilinear design (read: not flat and gridded) utilize privacy and capture the greater landscape. A varied landplan employs it’s acreage organically so that amenities seamlessly fit into the neighborhood setting.

Residents at Friedën will have access to the rolling Texas Hill Country in an open neighborhood setting that finds a balance between community and privacy. Each new resident will select their own builder and materials, ensuring that each ‘Haus’, as they are called at Friedën, adds to the neighborhood feel. As lots fill up, and the neighborhood generates buzz throughout central Texas, it looks to become a model development for Hill Country living.

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