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The Dallas Premiere of Annie Baker’s John at Undermain Theatre

Do you like scary stories?

Undermain’s 34th season moves forward with a piece by a groundbreaking female playwright and a predominantly female cast as they continue to explore the rising voices of women.They will be producing the Dallas premiere of Pulitzer Prize winning Playwright Annie Baker’s John. The accolades continue for Baker, who was just named a 2017 MacArthur Fellow, receiving the “genius grant.” The Fellowship program offers a $625,000 award over five years to individuals who have displayed extraordinary creativity in their fields, encouraging them to further harness their potential in future works.

It must be said that, in the past ten years, no writer has left a bigger mark on American playwriting than Annie Baker. Her plays, often both hilarious and heartbreaking, have carved out a new type of almost hyper-realism, showing us characters living out aspects of their daily life that might seem monotonous on stage, as they sweep the floors of a movie theatre or lie on the floor in an acting class simply breathing together. These long extra-textual moments have become one of her trademarks of style and she fills these moments with so much humanity that these beats become as full and active as a furious dialogue-rich fight. But another crucial and often overlooked aspect of Baker’s style has been her sense of place. Baker plays depict strangers forced to spend time together in locations that are not their own: at a job, in a class, or in the case of John, at a Bed & Breakfast where illness and cold temperatures force everyone into the living room.

John is a haunting and haunted meditation set near the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War where a young couple, struggling to stay together, are welcomed to an eerie Bed and Breakfast by an eccentric inn keeper on the weekend after Thanksgiving. A story of haunting atmosphere, peculiar comedy, and deeply touching drama with a top-notch cast combine to make John a unique autumnal performance of major work by an innovative contemporary American dramatist.

Runs November 8th – December 3rd
Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm
2:00 Sunday Matinees – 11/19 and 12/3.

Click here for tickets or call 214-747-5515