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How to Make Your Home Both Smart and Secure

Can we all agree that some of the latest smart products have gone a little over-the-top? Do we really need microwaves, dental floss dispensers, and water filters that connect to the internet? (Yes, those really exist!) Even smart products that sound like they’ll be worthwhile often end up tucked in the back of the closet after a few months.

But if we push aside the smart wine bottles and smart jump ropes (Yes, those exist, too!), we find that there are actually a number of new smart products that can truly make a difference in our daily lives. Some of the best of these come from Nest.

Introducing Nest Secure

A functional smart product revolutionizing home security.

Nest, founded in 2010 by Apple alums, has grown by leaps and bounds since being purchased by Google in 2014. The company’s first major product release was the Learning Thermostat, which keeps track of the habits and temperature desires of a home’s occupants and uses that data to optimize its function and conserve energy. Nest has also put out smart door cameras and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It has come to be known for its elegant designs, innovation, and functionality.

In September of this year, Nest debuted its most important product yet: Secure, a home security system. Integration with smart phones and tablets, motion-detecting path lights, and silent deactivation options are just a few of the innovations Secure has to offer.

Nest Secure + TreeHouse

A perfect match in delivering innovative home security.

TreeHouse, the go-to spot for sustainable building, environmentally-friendly renovations, and clean, sophisticated design, has just announced an exciting partnership with Nest to offer consultations for and installation of its Secure system.

The process of putting in a new home security system or replacing an out-of-date one can be overwhelming, but the professionals at TreeHouse have the experience and knowledge to help clients decide exactly what they need. Plus, they can typically complete a same-day installment of Nest Secure.

The Details

Easy steps to get Nest Secure through TreeHouse

Step 1: Swing by TreeHouse

Come into a TreeHouse location or fill out an online form at Based on your home’s square footage, TreeHouse and Nest will configure a suite of products that will best suit your needs.

Product suggestions for a 2,000 square foot, 3-bedroom home might include a Nest Secure home security system, a Nest Learning Thermostat, and 5 Nest smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. A product that would complement this selection would be Google Home, a voice-activated assistant that can act as a command center for your home and can easily integrate with Nest’s product suite.

Based on what you choose, you’ll receive a price quote for products and installation. To celebrate TreeHouse’s new partnership with Nest, it is offering the following discounts on Nest products:

10% off, if you spend $1,000
15% off, if you spend $2,500
25% off, if you spend $5,000


Step 2: Make a Plan

Put down a deposit for what you’ve chosen and select a time for the installation of your Nest Secure system. The deposit is fully refundable, and TreeHouse offers flexible hours for installations.

Step 3: Install

You can be assured that TreeHouse’s home improvement experts will deliver quick, friendly, and knowledgeable service. When they arrive at your home, they will confirm that the products you’ve chosen will be a good fit. The TreeHouse experts will then install the products and show you how to manage your new smart home from your phone and/or tablet.

Step 4: Put It to Use

With Nest Secure’s innovative system, you can make sure all is well at your home no matter where in the world you are. The Nest app will allow you to change your home’s temperature and arm or disarm the security system from your phone. If you choose to include cameras in your Nest Secure package, you can even find out what your dog does all day!

With Nest’s world class products and TreeHouse’s expert installation and setup knowledge, smart home security has never been better.

Visit TreeHouse or call 214.945.1040.

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