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A Dallas Adventure Itinerary

One man’s day in search of action and purpose.

You’re a man about town. And more than that, you’re stylish, measured and dignified to a degree not prohibitive of spontaneity. But how does a man like yourself make a day in Dallas the thing of legend while maintaining an effortlessness that exceeds definition?

Getting Started

You probably start off early in the morning with a ten minute meditation before you head to that 5:30am kickboxing class. Dancers make the best boxers, but we’ll get to that later. The itinerary is now open and it’s a beautiful day. Out under the open sky and along the Trinity River you decide to take on some ziplining at the Trinity Forest Adventure Park. The heart needs action to stay alert. Best to keep things moving.


But in addition to action, you need sustenance. You find the healing powers of Oak Highlands’ Vanilla Porter at Meddlesome Moth that pair perfectly with the bone marrow. And now that you’ve got the taste of barley and hops on your mind, why not head over to Peticolas for another round and a tour of the brewery. You’ll learn the practices behind one of Dallas’ most beloved beer makers. You probably even homebrew yourself.

Into the Night

As the night moves in and your fever for adventure continues to beckon, so does the dance floor. And while the Capitol Pub that once was an Argentinian dance club, is no longer, you still need a spot to move your feet. Nearby is the Beauty Bar. A dive-esque dance club with style to spare. Don’t be afraid to work up a sweat. It’s the right thing to do.

And as you check the time, you realize your watch is covered in water. Good thing you decided on the Tango 300 diver watch, a stainless steel timepiece from Raymond Weil that is water resistant up to 1,000 ft. It tells you everything is ok. It also tells you it’s time for a bed. A man needs his rest after a day like that.


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