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8 Stunning Ski Home Rentals to Book this Winter

Your winter plans are due. We’ve got 8 ideas that will have you shredding in style.

North Texas’ relationship with the onset of fall weather is an often-tumultuous back and forth of misunderstanding and impatience. Can I wear a sweater or not? When is it ok to drink a pumpkin latte? Such riddles may plague us, but need not hinder our coming holiday travel plans. Stay focused. According to HomeAway, the world’s leading online vacation rental marketplace, ski houses and condos start disappearing from booking sites like and before the first heavy snowfall in the mountains. More than 50 percent of ski rental bookings for the entire season, which stretches all the way to March, are already made by December.

For North Texans, our favorite and most frequented destinations are Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe and Winter Park. But fear not, dear reader. Whether you’re looking for a weeklong home rental or even just a fun-loving weekend jaunt to the slopes, your options are still plentiful and within your grasp. We have eight great options from HomeAway right here that are still available for this winter’s excursion.


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