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The Timelessness of French Décor

Heritage Antiques and Interiors Seeks Inspiration from France

“Trendy” is an interesting word. In some contexts, it’s quite positive. In others, it’s negative. We look at something fresh, new, and interesting and say, “Wow! That’s really trendy.” Most trends, however, fade into obsolescence, and today’s trend often becomes next year’s “passe” — as in “Formica tables were a trend in the 50s.”

Photo by Aidan Gray Home

Decorating your home takes a substantial investment, and few of us can afford to invest in something that will quickly become outdated. If you think about styles that endure, they are often associated with France.

Few nations have impacted style globally like France. While Paris is a mecca of fashion style, the entire country has impacted interior design – from Parisian apartments, to French chateaus and country homes, to simple country farmhouses. As Sarah Jane Stone, editor of French Style Magazine puts it, it’s amazing that “the décor of a single nation has managed to not only captivate but enchant the world at large.”

There is no wonder, then, that people worldwide take inspiration from all things French. While many seek to replicate the French look, a handful of Dallas retailers bring it directly to Texas. Among them are Dean Warden and Gene Kerns of Heritage Antiques and Interiors.

“We travel regularly to France and Belgium to hand-select antiques and accessories for our store,” comments Kerns. “We work with a small collection of families there who gather a wonderful selection of things for our customers that just cannot easily be found anywhere else.”

“Investments in French style are safe ones, and investment in quality French antiques are some of the best,” remarks Warden. Astute shoppers, by purchasing a few key pieces, can brining enduring French style to their homes. In the same way that a 150-year-old sideboard brought unmatched grace and character to a country home in Europe, it can bring the same character to your home.

So, to bring enduring style to your décor, seek inspiration from France. It’s timeless!


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