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Pinstack Offers a Burn Like No Other

Shred away those calories while you indulge your senses.

Pinstack is a place to eat and play on a scale that suits the very nature of Texas. It’s a veritable playground of indulgences from its extensive bar program to its full service restaurant all the way to its seemingly endless gaming options. But it’s not all guilty pleasure. There’s an opportunity to repent for those indulgences in the wide array of activities available. Sure, you got an appetizer, and entree, a dessert and a couple of local craft beers. But one hour of bowling can knock out around 130 calories. That’s not bad for a sport that doesn’t cause a sweat. Or maybe it does. We don’t know how you get down on the lanes.

Throw in some rock climbing, the ropes course, tossing a basketball or two and even channeling your inner Catherine Zeta Jones in the laser maze. To give you some reference, you can burn around 210 calories in just an hour of activity here.

If you’re really in need pushing it, the rock climbing wall is where you can get the most burn for your buck. We tracked a maximum heart rate of 131 while scaling one of the several climbs available. Basketball is the other best option, but all of this also depends on your own intensity. And while you may even feel that sensory overload of sights, lights and sounds you witness while walking through the facilities is enough to get you an acceptable burn, you might want to dig into the games if you plan on burning off that delicious pizza.