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#LIFTLIMITS Presented by Hoist: Marty Martinez

Founder and CEO of Social Revolt

Marty Martinez is the founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Social Revolt. Martinez started in the wine-delivery service soon after college graduation, but after a while, he sought a new challenge in the world of social media marketing and branding, leading him to the creation of Social Revolt. Social Revolt redefines how brands connect with their audiences. The company, through the powers of PR, paid media, web design, brand strategy and influencer marketing shapes conversations to build brands, grow influence, and accelerate business growth. Marty and his company have also been greatly involved in social cause initiatives, such as the March for Science. Initiatives such as this, as well as the daily challenges Marty faces every day at Social Revolt, bring him life and purpose. He believes all limits are self imposed, and has truly shown the ability to overcome any he faces. #LiftLimits

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#LiftLimits, presented by Hoist, is a video series that focuses on specific influencers that have unique backgrounds and uplifting stories. The focus of these videos are the people and how they got to where they are, what has made them successful, and, most importantly, how they #LiftLimits every day.