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It’s Hatch Chile Festival at Central Market

Green chiles are more than just a pepper — they're a food of enchantment.

The 2017 Hatch green chile harvest is happening as you read this, and if you are a chile-head, this is the time of year you wait for. But if these green gems are new to you, here are a few reasons to make sure you stop by Central Market and give them a try.

  1. The harvest happens once a year, in just one place, Hatch, New Mexico (yep, it’s actually a place). Beginning in early August and lasting into September. They are grown in the New Mexican soil due to the dry climate and high altitude and gives them a taste all their own. So make some room in your freezer and stock up now.
  2. Their scent is unbeatable. After the chiles are picked from the fields of New Mexico, they’re roasted, on site at Central Market by Partners with over 125 years of roasting experience, throughout the two week Hatch Chile Festival. If you’re even near the vicinity of a Central Market parking lot, you won’t be able to miss the scent that is in the air. Thankfully, this scent remains with green chiles — from roasting to freezing to thawing.
  3. Green chile is more than just a pepper — it’s a food of enchantment. Flame-roasted chiles bring an unmatched smoke-kissed, spicy flavor to just about everything they touch. You’ll find them throughout the store in cornbread, macaroni and cheese, fresh sausages, marinades, hummus, and more. Green chiles also go surprisingly well with sweeter flavors — try adding one to an apple crisp or even cheesecake!

Central Market’s 22nd Annual Hatch Festival begins this Wednesday, August 9th, so don’t miss your chance to explore The Land of enHATCHment and fill your cart for all the smoky, spicy surprises they have in store.


  • Jay Santos

    Central Market has OVERHYPED this to DEATH. Its a shame because the New Mexican green cilies are really good. DO NOT purchase any food item that has been mixed with the peppers (cornbread, sausage, etc.) for one very simple reason. The peppers placed into those recipes are RAW and not yet roasted, therefore they taste like CRAP. Buy the chilies roasted, THEN put them in other foods to cook.

    • Happy Bennett

      Amen to that!

    • Lee Rognlie

      Not necessarily true.

    • Mariana Teresa

      You got that right .Only use fresh Hatch green and in your recipes.

  • Mavdog

    Must point out that Whole Foods is roasting New Mexico Hatch chilies also. Get them while you can.