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How to Interview a Real Estate Agent

Ask tough questions to get the best results.

If selling, what is the tailored marketing plan for your home?

This should be the core of the initial conversation with any prospective real estate agent.  Listing appointments should be built around a strategic marketing plan including digital and social media. With Dallas being a leading relocation market, online presence is a must.

If selling, what makes up the strategic pricing strategy?

A pricing plan can make or break any real estate deal. Data shows that a home priced 5% lower than where a buyer expects to sell generates more interest and multiple offers which in turn drive the price higher.  This is just one creative, yet seldom used technique that may be a fit.  Your agent should have an inventive, solutions-based strategy tailored for your property.

If buying, where’s the strategy to bring you a home off market?

Not all available homes are logged into MLS. Your agent’s network is imperative in bringing you opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have a shot at.  Hip pocket listings are just one way to seek out a home not available on the open market, but this requires a smart agent who’s in-the-know and willing to go the extra mile.

If buying, how will that agent be proactive in finding your dream house?

Creativity is key to finding your dream home in a market as tough as Dallas. With inventory at all-time lows, your agent should have many inventive ideas to get you what you want.  Marketing you to sellers, utilizing innovative loan products for renovations, and bringing you elusive hip pocket listings can get you where you want to be.  Not all available homes are on MLS, so having a smart agent who’s in the know and willing to put in the work is imperative.

Tobin and Karen Hartman, with Hartman-Terilli Group are career-long marketers-turned-realtors with a combined 40 years in advertising, promotions and digital experience.

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Tobin Hartman
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