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A Kindness is Never Wasted

Fruit delivered straight to the office - just another reason to love where you work.

A Kindness is Never Wasted

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The world of commercial real estate may bear little resemblance to Aesop’s lion-and-mouse fable, but the moral is readily applicable. In addition to quick response times by facilities departments and clear communication by management, the kindness keyword in the world of creating “office homes for home offices” has been amenities. “An amenity package can make a statement that differentiates a building from the competition” states a white paper from Colliers International, and one of the most wanted amenities is accessible food options.

Increasingly, property managers and leasing offices are finding value in office fruit delivery from ORCHARD At The OFFICE, a Richardson-based company that makes the providing of premium-quality produce for Metroplex businesses their specialty. It’s one additional feather in the cap of a building, something attractive to offer, like periodic yoga classes or catered nutrition for the conference centers. In and of themselves, these amenities may not seem like much, but they demonstrate a personal concern for tenant welfare that can make the difference in where a business makes its home.

When Transwestern’s Aimee Robinson wanted to go above and beyond for the tenants of 8235 Douglas in the Park Cities, she let them know that every Monday morning, ORCHARD At The OFFICE would be arriving with a fresh bananas, Jazz apples, citrus, and a wide variety of fruit. The response was immediate and overwhelming and budgetary restrictions needed to be set. Last month, when the Granite Properties acquired the building, the management team quickly saw the value of maintaining the arrangement.

Most office buildings with their own website will have a special page for amenities, often touting conference centers, restaurants, and in-house conveniences. Making a special note of the availability of superior-quality fresh fruit from ORCHARD At The OFFICE adds one more item in the plus column for current and prospective lessees.

Shared office spaces have made amenities their key differentiator since their inception. In 2015, Meridian Business Centers made fresh fruit supplied by ORCHARD At The OFFICE available to the tenants at all thirteen of their Metroplex locations. Tenant satisfaction has increased and delivery drivers note that there’s never a single piece of fruit left when they arrive to refill the kitchen bowls.

“We get a lot of positive feedback about the fruit,” says Chelsea Bascom, manager of Meridian’s Las Colinas location. “It’s important for our clients to feel they’re getting personalized attention. That really comes across in the details, and that includes providing fresh fruit.”

“I love having the service available,” says Brad Wohlander, CEO of Sentry Global Technologies, who offices with Atrium Executive Business Centers who’s had ORCHARD At The OFFICE bring in fresh fruit baskets for years. “It’s great to know when I arrive in the morning there’s a banana or an apple waiting for me.”

To inquire about fresh fruit delivery for your building or office, visit http://orchardattheoffice.com, e-mail [email protected] or call 972.295.9091.