Photo by Matthew Shelley/Jessica Chen

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Game of Thrones: The Final Sit Down

After a daunting and rigorous voting battle, only 2 remain.

You’ve cast your ballots with glorious devotion to the throne. Praise be upon you. But it is now time for one contender to plunge into the unknown while another will emerge the victor and embrace the spoils of triumph. Our final two couldn’t be more different, and yet here we are. Neiman Marcus encourages you to rest and relax in their svelte lounge while taking respite from your woes to conduct your business leisurely. The luxury brand amounts to royalty in our part of the world, but that royalty could be under attack from the underdog that is The Grapevine Bar. Not an underdog by its charm, but more by scale. Grapevine’s embrace of grunge concerning the restroom is an exercise in artful dystopian minimalism. They’re also very strict about allowing only one person at time. Behave, will you? So that’s our final two—the well-to-do maiden against the iron maiden. Only one will wear the crown when this is over.

It’s Up to You.


  • Honea MJ

    So who’s the winner ???