Neoregelia ‘Orange Crush’ bromeliad.

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Your Patio is Missing Bromeliads

Add a luxurious dose of ‘WOW’ to your outdoor entertainment spot.

Wall baskets create the perfect nest for a variety of tropical plants.

You’re planning menus, planting herbs for fresh cocktails, and thinking of guests to invite. What’s the crowning jewel for the outdoor entertaining season? Dress up your patio, porch or gazebo with a unique living centerpiece that will have your guests talking well after the dinner ends.

During our warm months, they’re the ideal way to add a luxurious dose of ‘WOW’ to shady, protected spots—ideal for where we do our outdoor entertaining. Find a spacious, unique urn or bowl in which to group the plants—still in their plastic nursery pots—so that their best features are highlighted. Tip: blend contrasting colors, textures and foliar sizes—such as bold, architectural forms (Bromeliads) with softer, trailing forms. Fill gaps between the pots with pieces of floral moss such as sheet or reindeer moss so that the pots are hidden from  view and the potting media is protected.

This long trough planter is a jungle of colorful tropicals including bromeliads, orchids, ivies and other foliage plants.

While large installations like this one may seem complicated, they’re actually very easy to create. This vertical trough planter was constructed of a simple piece of plywood with a wire mesh “hammock”, lined with sphagnum moss or cocofiber basket liner, and filled with soil. To this, we added Spanish moss for additional interest and filled it with a variety of tropical plants including Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids, Neoregelia and Vriesia bromeliads, airy ‘Ming’ ferns, easy Pothos ivy, and other great exotic finds.

Neoregelia ‘Green Eyes’, bromeliad.

Your creation doesn’t have to be large and elaborate; a simple wall basket adorned with mosses and filled with a blooming orchid, interesting bromeliad, and textural fern or ivy can make a great statement.

Visit our tropical greenhouse for a luscious selection of these exotic beauties from specialty growers in Florida. A wide array of exotic orchids, unique tropical foliage plants and everything else you need to create your own easy ‘WOW’ piece to dazzle your guests this summer.