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Studio Thomas James

Design Book 2016
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Answers by Philip Thomas Vanderford, Principal Designer/Owner, and Jason James Jones, Principal Designer/Owner

Describe your ideal client.
Excited and involved. The best projects always stem from a relationship based in mutual enthusiasm and respect. This mixture, regardless of budget and aesthetic, always produces great work.

How do you educate clients throughout the process?
Education is always such an important part of life, and it totally translates to the design industry. We always think it is a disservice not to share “the why” behind design decisions with clients. Even if we are pushing and breaking boundaries, it is important to have the historical understanding of why we make certain decisions.

Do you have favorite types of rooms to work on?
We always love working on living and family room spaces. These rooms tend to be the stage for where the bulk of our life is carried out. It is always amazing to see how a carefully edited room can create a specific tone and atmosphere and really change how we live. This is particularly evident when moving clients into fresh, new spaces.

Design Book 2016

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