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Debra Stewart Interior Design

Design Book 2016
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Answers by Debra Stewart, Principal

What aesthetic are you known for?
I love the challenge of moving from one style to another, but my aesthetic is a cleaner line, no matter the style.

What are some of the common misconceptions clients have about working with an interior designer?
Interior designers need to be part of the initial team on any project. We have such a wealth of knowledge that can and will save clients time, money, and frustration. We are often hired after all the plans are made and the contractor is hired, which is usually too late to save the client as much money and frustration.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?
I listen to the client and help them stay the course. I also advise them along the way of issues that might arise so there are no surprises at the end of the job.

Can you walk us through a project from start to finish?
I like to work in the following order: Interview clients to determine style and scope of project; start budget process; work on conceptual design through drawings and sourcing of materials; organize concepts for client to review and finalize selections; generate drawings; assign selections and confirm pricing; and present final design with quotes for client approval. Then the magic begins.

Design Book 2016

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