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Faces of Dallas: April Graves of Aria Stone Gallery

“Stone is Art” Educator

To April Graves, each slab of stone at Aria Stone Gallery is a work of art, and she makes it her mission to educate others about the gallery’s curated collection of hand-selected, exotic natural stone from the world’s most exclusive quarries. Graves, Aria’s director of marketing and operations, has always been interested in all forms of art and previously worked in fashion design. “When the opportunity arose to work with Aria, I jumped on the chance to translate some of those core design values into the interior industry and exercise another area of my formal education,” she says.

Aria’s talented team is constantly pushing the envelope to make the vision of “stone is art” a reality. Because it’s not possible for the same slab to be mass produced, every slab at Aria makes it’s own unique statement. When choosing a stone, Graves suggests going for what you love without hesitation. It paid off when she took her own advice. “There was a particular bundle of Dalmata (as shown in photo), and when it arrived, I immediately secured two slabs,” she says. “It’s a white marble with a bold, black vein that looks similar to a Robert Motherwell painting. I’ll be using them as an artwork installation in a bathroom remodel for my personal home. This was one I knew would be snatched up by our progressive design community, so I got it before it sold out!”

Aria Stone Gallery


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