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The Online Matchmaker Between Physicians and Employers

This is the future of healthcare.

ExactMD has developed a smart, intuitive software platform that makes the lives of both physicians and employers much easier when it comes to physicians finding ideal jobs and employers finding the right physicians. This is the future of healthcare.

ExactMD.com, the innovative online talent-acquisition and staffing platform, is provided free of charge to all physicians while healthcare recruiting professionals benefit from industry’s very first intuitive interface, powerful matching capabilities, and robust staffing dashboard. ExactMD brings recruiting staffs a powerful tool to easily identify ideal candidates to fill open positions while organizing all matches into a single, intuitive interface.

Says ExactMD’s vice president and chief marketing officer, Everett Wilder, “Once someone signs up, our platform instantly creates a custom dashboard for the user and aggregates content just for them that’s relative to what they do. For instance, if a foreign-trained doctor joins, he immediately has all he needs show up in his custom dashboard–a list of immigration attorneys, certifications for the states he’s interested in moving to, cost of living and salary calculators, help getting his Visa, moving company referrals, trending news for his particular specialty, and more. This has never been done in the space. The same goes for the hospitals when they sign up. Their dashboard is just as robust but with content they need.”

Cynthia Bocanegra, a hiring authority with Washington Center for Pain Management says ExactMD’s web site gives her all the information she needs, and then some. “I still can’t believe how easy this is–easy to use, easy to create, and post. It really is like an online dating site, in that it really does match you with candidates. And for any questions, it’s nice that a feature is provided to speak or message a live person.”

Unlike traditional job-posting websites, the matching system powering ExactMD collects pertinent and detailed information for each individual physician through a seamless step-by-step process. Physicians are provided the capability to build multiple unique search profiles, which are quickly and accurately matched by ExactMD’s proprietary algorithms to connect the candidate to open positions that meet their specific needs, qualifications, and desired practice.

Functioning much like an online dating service, ExactMD automatically categorizes and organizes potential opportunities based on the strength of matches between the hiring authority and the physician’s profiles and searches. Physicians may then express interest in openings or apply with a single click. Physicians also have the capability to save individual positions and take advantage of advanced search settings.

“In some aspects, we are like an online dating service between physicians and employers,” Wilder says. “While matching physicians to job opportunities using intelligent proprietary algorithms in a way never before seen, the other aspects of our software are also industry firsts that are really changing how this segment will behave moving forward. Since launching fourth quarter of last year, we have already matched more than 30,000 new opportunities to 24,000-plus physicians. And we’re just getting started.”


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