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Oh Christmas Cheese

Bring Your Own Platter - Central Market Cheese Kits
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Bring Your Own Platter – Central Market Cheese Kits

It is really just about that simple, all you need is your own platter, plate, slate, slab, or board and you have a perfectly paired cheese experience waiting to be enjoyed. Each cheese selection highlights a specific region of the cheese world, accompanied by crackers and paired with a spread or preserve, and ready to serve a lively group of ten. Each cheese kit is available at Central Market or click here to order online.

Choose from:

Alpine Cheese Selections

French Cheese Selections

Italian Cheese Selections

Spanish Cheese Selections

American Artisan Cheese Selections

English Cheese Selections

Not sure how to serve your cheese platter or need a wine pairing suggestion? Below are a few tips. Click here  for more.

Cheese Platter Tips

  • Be creative with the actual platter. Repurpose a wooden cutting board, a slate tile or slab of marble as a serving platter.
  • One serving utensil per cheese. No “cheese” knives? Use butter knives.
  • Don’t cube or pre-slice! Set cheeses out as whole pieces and encourage guests to cut into them by starting each one.
  • Serve accompaniment in a small dish with a small spoon or knife. Place it right on the platter.
  • Give the cheeses time to come to room temperature before eating.

What To Drink

  • When serving a selection of cheeses, no single beverage will be the ultimate pairing for all of the cheeses.
  • For wine, consider serving a selection or pick a wine that’s very food-friendly, like a Pinot Noir.
  • For beer, choose a selection ranging from lagers to ales to IPA. Or choose one crisp lager that will complement most cheeses.

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