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11 All-Natural, Dallas-Based Beauty Brands You Should Know

Goats' milk soaps, wildflower face serums, plant-based hair oils, and other local finds to clean up your beauty routine.
The Bohemian Shepherdess producs

The Artistry of Essential Oils

In 2015, Valencia McClure was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery and radiation, she embraced an all-natural, nontoxic lifestyle to help her body heal. McClure began making essential oil blends for herself and her friends, and she eventually left her corporate job to become a certified aromatherapist. With her beauty brand The Artistry of Essential Oils, McClure hopes to inspire others to incorporate clean, all-natural products into their daily routines. The brand’s scrubs, toners, facial oils, rollerballs, and other products are all plant-based, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Shop The Artistry of Essential Oils here.

The Bohemian Shepherdess

Mindy Myers and her family have operated Rosemary Hollow Farm since 2015. Their dairy goats roam and graze in the prairie grass, and rows of calendula are rooted nearby. Both are pivotal to Myers’ skincare and beauty line, The Bohemian Shepherdess. Her Flora products are crafted from the flowers and herbs she grows, while the Fauna products are made from goats’ milk. You’ll find face masks, makeup removers, hand soaps, and more, and each of The Bohemian Shepherdess’s pretty vessels is made from recycled materials. Shop all products here.

Elli Mac Hair Company

Elli Mac Hair Growth Oil was formulated to benefit every hair type, from straight to highly textured. Key ingredients include Jamaican black castor oil and Brahmi Amla; both have been used for centuries to condition strands, increase blood flow to the scalp, and ward off bacteria. Elli Mac’s blend has a sweet scent thanks to lemongrass, orange, and other essential oils. Last month, the company launched KING, a beard and hair oil for men. Shop all Elli Mac oils here.

Eyllek Skincare

Eyllek Skincare’s hypoallergenic products are intended to mimic the biological processes that occur in healthy skin. Their beloved first product is the Clean Slate Body Scrub, which sloughs away dead skin and restores moisture with exotic oils, including apricot, peppermint, and jojoba. Founder Kellye Stephens just released her second product, a hydrating body lotion that completes the regimen. Shop both Eyllek Skincare products here.

FarmHouse Fresh

The FarmHouse Fresh ranch in McKinney is home to the beauty brand’s founder, Shannon McLinden, and her family, but it also houses a gaggle of rescue animals like donkeys and horses. At the ranch, McLinden and her team produce skincare products, body products, fragrances, and more. Ingredients are grown on-site, using hydroponic, aquaponic, and organic farming methods. The processes are zero-waste; for instance, after cucumbers are picked and their extracts pulled, the chickens eat the pulp. The eco-conscious line can be found in spas like The Four Seasons and The Waldorf Astoria. Shop FarmHouse Fresh here.

Girl B Natural

This by-women, for-women beauty brand offers organic, plant-based, and cruelty-free body products, like cleansing washes, soaps, and deodorants. Founder ShantaQuilette Develle hopes to remove the stigma around personal care products and empower women to take control of their health. She developed a Breast Butter, for example, to encourage women to perform self-exams every month. Girl B Natural also has a telehealth service, a community forum, and online webinars in the works. Shop all products here.

Goods Apothecary

Melissa France’s organic garden is the lifeblood of her beauty brand, Goods Apothecary: each cruelty-free formula incorporates the herbs and flowers she lovingly grows on her homestead in Denton. Sustainably sourced wildflowers, like dandelion and calendula, also make an appearance. While Goods Apothecary is best known for soaps, serums, and tonics, the brand also offers specialty salves. There’s one for bug bites, cuts, and scrapes, another for muscle pain, and even a formula for dogs’ paws. Shop Goods Apothecary products here.

Juices & Botanics

Whitney Eaddy is an expert in natural hair care–her devoted clients call her The Growth Guru. Her mission is to empower Black women to embrace their hair’s texture and encourage its growth. They’ve been excluded by the luxury haircare market for far too long, says Eaddy. To fill that gap, her Juices & Botanics products are both high quality and beautifully packaged. Eaddy also owns and operates two Her Growing Hands salons, where she gives in-person consultations. Shop all Juices & Botanics products here.

Konjo Beauty

After graduating from SMU last year, Ethiopian-born Lidya Winnie launched Konjo Beauty as an homage to her African roots. Her natural and cruelty-free skincare products were formulated with women of color in mind, though they’re suitable for anyone to use. The ingredients are sourced from across the world. “In Africa, everything is home-grown or handmade,” says Winnie. “Plant-based products are gentler on the skin and contain all the vitamins your body needs.” Shop her clay face masks here.

Loveleigh Moisture

This Frisco-based company stocks handmade scrubs, bath bombs, soaps, and other body products. Almost everything is vegan, with the exception of a goat milk body wash. “I’m a biologist, and I was always skeptical about the ingredients a lot of companies use that can be misleading,” says founder Kimberleigh Arnold. “I wanted to create products that are derived from [ingredients] people recognize without using harsh preservatives and additives.” Shop Loveleigh Moisture here.

Sweet Nectar Beauty

Sweet Nectar Beauty Founder Aisha Nicole once suffered from adult acne, and when expensive dermatologic products failed to clear it up, she turned to a more holistic approach. Nicole researched natural herbs, flowers, and oils, then formulated her own products and launched Sweet Nectar Beauty. Her brand carries plant-based bath, body, and skin products like herb-infused facial serums and fizzy bath bombs. Everything is vegan-friendly and packaged with recycled materials. Shop all Sweet Nectar Beauty here.

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