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An Ode to the Ever-Changing Warby Parker Sign on Henderson Avenue

I see you, marquee sign changer, and I acknowledge your worth.

I’m not sure exactly when I first noticed the swiftness with which the Henderson Avenue Warby Parker boutique would change the messaging on its marquee sign, but I do know I started documenting it on my phone in August of 2017. I assume it was around that time that I also noticed the absolute weirdness of said messaging.

But would I expect any less from Warby Parker? The Millennial-focused optical brand is Quirky with a capital Q, guys. They offer $95 glasses and a socially-conscious, colorful culture. It’s not just glasses, it’s a lifestyle, and the straight up randomness of their signage sort of rolls right into that, I guess. They have a giant pencil coming out of their roof!

So when, toward the end of this summer, I saw the Henderson Avenue sign state, “When Life Hands You Lemons Be Like ??,” I wasn’t at all thrown by the chaotic energy it was giving off—an energy that has nothing at all to do with glasses. I was just like, whatever, that’s so Warby Parker.

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