Elizabeth Lavin


That Local 9-Year-Old’s Nike Collab Dropped Today

The megabrand enlisted Dear Giana to design a few things for International Girl’s Day.

For our October issue, I wrote about Dear Giana, a North Texas fourth-grader and Instagram hypekid who now has upwards of 23,000 followers. Days before sending the story off to the printer, we were asked not to mention the fact that Giana had designed a few items for Nike, scheduled to drop today, International Girls Day, which was the original peg for our story. A secret, we were told. I didn’t realize until a few days ago that the Wall Street Journal was handed that scoop.

So now that the day is here, I guess I can say, our hometown gal, Dear Giana collaborated with Nike to create a few items including this supercute bucket hat and a tee featuring one of her signature half-drawings (of Serena, no less). You can buy the limited-edition pieces here.


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