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You Need to See This Dallas Makeup Artist’s Halloween Instagram Series

I’d say use them as inspiration, but… good luck.
By Caitlin Clark |

Have you read Holland Murphy’s profile on Katie Rogers, inventor of #mermaidhair and owner of The Mermaid SEAlon? It’s wonderful, and fascinating, and filled with fantastic details about cotton candy Champagne and Bengal cats named Snickers. I love it so much.

I also learned a lot reading it. Like how high-quality extensions cost nearly $2,000, and how, narcissism aside, we should all strive to be our own idols. I also discovered who Cole Carrigan is, just in time for Halloween.

You see, Carrigan did Rogers’ makeup for the photoshoot, shot to mermaid perfection by Elizabeth Lavin. This is notable because Rogers looks stunning in those images, and, being a micromanager and beauty expert herself, was probably highly discerning in her choice of makeup artist.

It also lead me to Carrigan’s Instagram account, @colecarrigann, where the self-taught MUA is executing the most insane Halloween looks for his 27,000 followers, of which I am now one, each day in October. There’s your typical Halloween fare, like Freddy Kreuger’s torched face or the emo hotness of Edward Scissorhands. Some more original works include an interpretation of The Little Mermaid’s Ursula and what the Burn Book from Mean Girls would look like on a face.

A few works might be doable for an amateur at home, and Carrigan graciously provides all product details in each post, but most looks blew my mind wide open. (That Burn Book one seems particularly challenging.) On why he started the his Halloween series, “I knew it would not only help me grow as an influencer but also as an artist. It’s helped me become more confident in my artistry than I already was, and I’ve learned so many things in just this short month,” says Carrigan. “It’s taught me patience and consistency, which are two really important things in life!”

Patience will be key for anyone attempting to Carrigan it at home this weekend. If nothing else, the MUA is an excellent Instagram follow — both for Halloween and beyond.

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