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The Incredible Extra-ness of Miron Crosby’s New Boots

If you thought you could live life without avocados on your boots, think again.

The stylish West Texas sisters behind Highland Park Village’s Miron Crosby studio create super cool cowboy boots. You’ve probably seen this star-spangled set on Instagram, or these cute little cacti-covered ones that go by “Paty.” Miron Crosby also produces a good amount of custom designs with their high-lasted footwear, resulting in some eye-catching looks.

But the latest collection for spring and summer is on another level. A level where one of your boots says “Yee” and the other says “Haw” in a declaration of vintage, kitschy power. A wonderfully fun tier of style where the makings for margaritas and guacamole dictate what’s fashionable. There are some more subtle sets, such as this Italian woven leather pair called “Jeanette,” and we’re here for that too, but we’re really here for a Dallas where everyone walks around with pop art-inspired chilies on their shoes, or family margarita recipes sewn into the liner, probably listening to Kacey Musgrave’s new album on a loop. That would be a nice place to live.


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