The Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas last year.


Dallas’ Beauty Scene May Be Getting Even Bigger This Year

Jillian Wright wants to make sure the world sees Dallas for the beauty destination it is.   

Last year, Indie Beauty Expo, a curated event that supports independent beauty brands, came to Dallas for the first time. Founded in 2015 by celebrity esthetician Jillian Wright and entrepreneur Nader Naeymi-Rad, IBE had previously only held events in New York, Los Angeles, and London. “The reason we came to Dallas is because the brands wanted to,” says Wright. “They had their choice between Dallas, Chicago, and Miami, and they wanted to come here. They were smart.”

On Wednesday, May 9, IBE returns for its second year to Dallas’ sixty five hundred venue with beauty brands from around the world, creating an intimate setting for Dallas shoppers to meet with founders and get acquainted with their innovative products. The following day, buyers from retailers all over the world will visit to search for brands to add to their boutiques or spas. It’s an event that Wright hopes will give Dallas some much-deserved attention as a beauty destination. “When I visited last year, I was so impressed with everything about Dallas — the wellness scene, the people, the stores, and just the beauty,” says Wright. “I don’t think people know how incredible Dallas is.”

Jillian Wright, left, at an Indie Beauty Event at The Joule in 2017.

Dallas may not yet be as key a player in the beauty industry as New York City, Los Angeles, and London, but it’s made great strides recently. Just this past year, several beauty retailers set their sights on Dallas, including Cos Bar, Riley Rose, and natural beauty boutique Credo. Two Dallas mothers and lawyers also opened The Greenway Shop, a clean beauty-focused boutique tucked inside Madre on West Lovers Lane, and last fall, Neiman Marcus embraced the fastest growing space in the beauty industry by holding its own ShopTheExpo event with IBE to showcase a carefully chosen lineup of independent brands for a limited time.

Products from Full Unicorn, a brand that chose Dallas for the Indie Beauty Expo.

Hopefully, IBE’s second Dallas show will inspire more retailers to expand to Dallas (we’re looking at you, Detox Market). “We want Dallas to really embrace IBE and what we’re doing and help us make the city a key player in the industry,” says Wright. “And we can do it. It’s just a matter of shifting the way that we communicate about Dallas.”



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