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What is Happening at The Gypsy Wagon?

We'll find out what it is for sure this Thursday.

UPDATE: It was a name change for the Dallas-based boutique after all. After more than a decade as The Gypsy Wagon, Carley Seale has renamed her store Favor the Kind  out of respect to Roma people.

February is shaping up to be a huge month for The Gypsy Wagon, the bright, bohemian emporium on Henderson Avenue. First, musician Kacey Musgraves, who is essentially The Gypsy Wagon personified, stopped by earlier this month to sell some merch and bring joy to all.

Next, there was a massive end-of-the-year sale — their “biggest sale ever” — that grew so large that they were forced to rent out that vacant space between Buda Juice and Planet Blue. (Will somebody cool please rent that space full-time?) When that sale was announced, hints began to drop that something big (even bigger than the sale and possibly even Kacey Musgraves herself) was coming on February 22. But those hints were pretty generic. The promise of “champagne, treats, and shopping” does not a legitimate clue make!

Then finally, this morning, I drove by to see some actual clues. Clues in the form of wet paint on doors, and a missing sign. A new name, perhaps? Yesterday, TGW founder Carley Seale posted this sweet sentiment about tomorrow’s event.

On Thursday night I am revealing some big news. It’s actually really big. Eek! The work, heart, soul, passion, excitement that my team and I have put into this is project one of the coolest things we have done on this TGW adventure. I am anxious and ready for what is next! And I know you are going to love it. Please come celebrate with us!

Who knows how this mystery will unravel tomorrow night, but whatever it is, we want to be there for it. That’s the power of social media, y’all.

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