The Tot Has That $1,000 Jean Jacket Your Kid Has Always Wanted

You know, the one with the avocado on it.

Let me preface this by stating I’m a fan of The Tot. This year, we named The Tot’s Highland Park Village shop the best children’s boutique in Dallas. My child has an adorable jacket that changes color in the rain from The Tot, which I bought for $58 last fall, one size up, so that I could fold up the sleeves the first year and get as much mileage out of it as possible.

The other day I got a press release about The Tot’s new collaboration with the artist Alex Israel and otherwise reasonably priced retailer Levi’s. On the back of the jacket, you’ll find an avocado. The avocado is smiling. A slight upturn at the corner of its mouth, and eyebrows tilted in such a way it seems as if the fruit’s up to something and just starting to feel guilty. Like, maybe it broke its mom’s vase and brushed the shards under the rug. Or maybe cut the cheese in public. Anyhow, the jacket is going for $1,000 and benefits pediatric HIV and childhood programming at the DMA.

I, myself, will not be purchasing this avocado jacket for my kid. In fact, I’m more likely to just donate $1,000 to one of those charities. But just in case there is someone out there who’s been in the market for a light avocado layer for their little one, I thought it best to share.

And I would recommend buying one size up, but if you don’t blink at a $1,000 kid’s jean jacket embroidered with a farting avocado, you’re probably not too worried about getting mileage out of it.


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