Nini wearing head-to-toe Desert Vintage duds: a gauzy dress, crochet pants, and basket bag.


The V.O.D. Pop-Up I Don’t Want Anyone to Know About

There will be champagne, incredible clothing from Desert Vintage, and Rihanna’s stylist, Nini Nguyen, is hosting it tomorrow. I will start fist fights over antique lace.

I want to keep this to myself so I don’t have to throw ‘bows over great finds, but it’s part of my job to tell the public about noteworthy things, so I guess I have to share: Nini Nguyen is hosting a Desert Vintage pop-up at V.O.D. tomorrow.

If you don’t already know why this is awesome, let me tell you plainly. Nini Nguyen is a Dallas-based stylist who works with Rihanna on the reg (read more about that here). V.O.D. is one of her favorite local shops. And Tuscon-based shop Desert Vintage is her number one place to score unique vintage pieces.

Desert Vintage will be selling this antique lace top tomorrow.
Desert Vintage will be selling this antique lace top tomorrow.

A little bit about Desert Vintage: It’s been building a solid reputation since 1974 and, therefore, gets the really good stuff. When the store’s original owner retired a few years ago, she handed the keys over to Salima Boufelfel and Roberto Cowan. I’m a little obsessed with their style and can’t wait to creep on them IRL as they set up several racks in the Victory Park boutique.

The shopping and champagne commences tomorrow, March 17th, at 11 a.m.

Seriously, watch out for the redhead with the poky elbows. I’m not playing nice at this pop-up.

Desert Vintage Nini Nguyen