Courtesy of rewardStyle and DHD Films

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rewardStyle Just Made It Even Easier to Shop From Your Phone

There’s an app for that.

Since its launch in 2011, rewardStyle has done wonderful things for the bloggers of the world. Founders Baxter Box and his wife Amber Venz Box have helped online influencers monetize their outfits of the day and elevate their creative outlet from side hustle to full-time job.

But from a non-fashion bloggers point of view, rewardStyle is beloved for a different reason: making shopping a whole lot easier. With the launch of in 2014, we went from shopping in a web browser to shopping on Instagram. With LikeToKnow.It.Home’s 2016 debut, we added links for throw pillows and sofas to the items rewardStyle sent to our inboxes. Could it get any easier?

With the launch of rewardStyle’s first mobile app today, it turns out it most certainly can. Users simply you have to do is screenshot a rewardStyle-using Instagrammer or Snapchatter and within seconds, they’ll get a notification that it’s “ready to shop.” From there, they head to the app, where the photo and links to products are waiting. It’s the same format that was sent to inboxes with, but the app offers instant gratification, utilizing an almost Pinterest-y look to conveniently cull all your past “likes” and screenshots into one place, and cutting out the middleman (aka your inbox) in the process.

Courtesy of rewardStyle and DHD Films
Courtesy of rewardStyle and DHD Films

“Today, consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to discovery platforms, they are doing most of their discovery on their phones, and they are now taking screenshots of the imagery that they really love,” Venz Box said in a press release. “‘Liking’ has become transactional, but taking a screenshot is the most personal form of curation and it is the strongest indicator of purchase intent.”


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