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Interior Design Crush: Bella & Chloe / Brethren Boutique

The new Henderson Avenue shop is a feast for the eyes.
By Caitlin Clark |
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Interior Design Crush: Bella & Chloe / Brethren Boutique

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After a six-year stint selling jewelry online, friends Ruby Hunt, Tyler Odom, and Jenni Odom brought their squash blossom necklaces and sterling silver cuffs to hip Henderson Avenue in the summer of 2016, and quickly made the space their own. Stocked with Bella & Chloe’s free-spirited jewelry, beauty products, candles, women’s apparel and men’s (their Brethren brand), the gorgeously styled boutique is right at home between Santa Monica-based Planet Blue and trendy Buda Juice. 

We caught up with the stylish trio to learn more about the cool, collected interior, and how they feel about their new Henderson home.


_MG_9549-cropCC: How would you sum up the shop’s aesthetic?

Tyler: I wanted the store to be equally reminiscent of our southern roots and our love of the southwestern landscape. Growing up in Alabama I spent a lot of time digging through thrift stores and estate sales and my finds through the years have completely taken over our home. I wanted the store to be a continuation of that.


CC: There definitely seems to be a big New Mexico influence in the shop. Can you tell me a little bit more about the inspiration behind the design?

Jenni: Both brands were founded on our love for perfectly crafted, handmade, Native American and Mexican sterling silver jewelry. New Mexico is one of the places many of our favorite pieces originated from. We really admire the craftsmanship of Native American jewelry, but at the same time didn’t want to feel like a kitschy trading post.


CC: I heard some pieces come from your own personal collection, Tyler.

T: Nearly every single piece of artwork on the Brethren side came out of our own home. One of the paintings in the store is of my great grandfather that I inherited a few years ago. I’m somewhat of a portrait hoarder.


CC: Did you find any of the décor/furnishings in Dallas? If so, where?

T: Most of the fixtures and displays we designed and built in the store along with my friend Josh Poole. The antique glass display cases were acquired from 44 Build. Our industrial lamps were estate sale finds and the massive door to our studio was found at an auction in Oklahoma City.


CC: What are your favorite (purchasable) items in the shop right now?

J: We recently launched our own collection of jewelry for both of our brands with each piece being designed and handmade in our studio. A favorite from Bella & Chloe is the Alameda Choker, and of course the River and Indigo Cuffs (named after our two sons). From our Brethren line my favorite is the Ouroboros Ring. I also never leave home without my Peyote Dream perfume by Bella & Chloe on.


Tell me how you ended up on Henderson. It seems like a natural fit for y’all, but was it always your goal to have a shop there?

J: We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect spot that would fit our brand. What’s so great about Dallas is that there are really cool pockets all over town and so many places had great potential, but we kept coming back to Henderson. We are East Dallas residents and knew we wanted our home away from home to be close.


What kept bringing you back to Henderson?

J: There is so much to love. It is welcoming to every type of person. We have great neighbors and everyone offers something unique and different to the street.

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