Designing Woman

Lake Highlands grad and designer Sariah Carson takes a fine art approach to her clothes, fusing fashion and painting to create garments her clients want to keep forever.

Model wearing Sariah Carson designs. photography courtesy of Sariah Carson
When Dallas native Sariah Carson isn’t sketching and painting in her tiny Staten Island home studio, she’s on-site in New York City’s garment district, overseeing the meticulous construction of the dresses and tops that began to turn heads only a few seasons ago. The petite 26-year-old Lake Highlands High School alumna and former dancer emerged on the fashion scene with Carson Potter, a collaboration with a fellow Parsons graduate. The enterprise, which quickly became a victim of its own success, taught Carson a few lessons that she has used to launch her new line, Sariah.

Approaching art in terms of both craftsmanship and covetability, the line is a throwback to a time before disposable dressing became de rigueur. Each piece is cut and sewn entirely by hand, and every style sees a limited production of 50 or fewer. Carson lights up when she talks about her clothing, explaining that she takes a fine art approach to all her work and wants women to view her clothes as forever garments (at $295 to $695, they are priced to keep). The designer embraces color and loves to fuse fashion with painting. The prints in the collection are her original hand-painted designs; Japanese and African influences are evident.

We love her latest effort for its feminine, flattering, Mad Men-inspired shapes and spontaneity. For Carson, who calls herself a girl’s girl, fall segues into special occasion and holiday dressing, and details like ’60s-style paillettes add a hint of glam to certain styles. Sariah is available at Barneys New York. To see the collection, go to


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