Planet Bardot owner Diana Tabeshi

5 Questions with Best of Big D Winner Planet Bardot’s Diana Tabeshi

Planet Bardot founder Diana Tabeshi has an appreciation for and understanding of high-end denim that eclipses most. After all, the designer and stylist created two denim lines of her own before opening Planet Bardot in October 2013. Tabeshi’s expertise and background merge in the form of her carefully curated selection within the the Knox Street boutique, which is why we named it the “Best Place to Buy Jeans.” Tabeshi discusses finding the ideal pair of jeans, her selection process, and what’s new to the shop this fall.

Planet Bardot Dallas

How would you best describe Planet Bardot’s carefully curated selection?

The brands I pick must have marketable definition and purpose or, at least, fill a void in Planet Bardot. I don’t carry two rivalry brands for the sake of having them both in my store. I pick the best and most relevant brand of the two. Also, I don’t pick a label because it has a name. It has to prove itself over time, or the designer behind the new line must have a proven record with a clear vision that could speak for the brand. That is not to say I don’t pick up new brands from emerging designers. I pick up at least eight new brands every year. There are exceptions, and again, the new lines must be unique and exciting to make the cut for me.

Before opening the boutique nearly two years ago, you were based in Los Angeles. What was your main motivation for moving to Dallas?

Having lived in Dallas in the past, I saw a routine and a very predictable trend offered by retailers in Dallas. The West Coast is cool, edgy, and laid back, but a chic concept is what I have brought to Dallas. (I often hear from my clients that they had to travel to Los Angeles to get just a glimpse of what I am offering at Planet Bardot.) Also, my family lives in Dallas, which was an extra bonus. I wanted to raise my daughter in Dallas with a set of values and virtues.

How has your time spent on the West Coast influenced Planet Bardot’s aesthetic?

Los Angeles is a melting pot and a global community. The exposure to a multi-national community and different cultures awakens a level of sophistication that blossoms your creative mind. The aesthetic of Planet Bardot came together piece by piece from these causal experiences—and now, Planet Bardot is representing the big picture.

You’re no stranger to denim, having launched two denim lines of your own. In your experience, what is the No. 1 characteristic women should consider when on the hunt for a good pair of jeans?

Consistency of the fit in every style and production. For example, if you are a true size 27, then you should not be settling to size up or down. This indicator shows if a good, long-lasting fabric was used in the production or if the brand truly possesses the required skills to produce premium denim to be considered an excellent pair of jean.


What do you have in the works for fall?

We are excited to debut six new brands coming this fall–a carefully handpicked and limited edition selection of Elizabeth and James, Loeffler Randall, lemlem, R+R Surplus, Sanchita, and White+Warren.


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