Spa Review: Etré Belle in NorthPark Center

You never forget your first time. But it’s certainly a bit more interesting when you’re a 25-year-old virgin. No, this is not a super embarrassing Never Been Kissed-like exposé. (This is a beauty and style blog for goodness sakes!) However, the virginity is in reference to something that many would consider to be a rite of passage: a massage.

Truth be told, the occasional declaration that I had never received a massage probably elicited the same reaction as a declaration of actual virginity. People seemed positively shocked and even alarmed that I had never experienced the process. You’ve never received a deep tissue massage? How do live with yourself!? The peer pressure was strong, as was my desire to know what all the hype was all about. When an opportunity to visit the pretty, newly opened spa in NorthPark Center, Etré Belle, I jumped at the chance.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.33.52 PMI’m so very glad that I did. I opted for a facial and massage on a beautiful, sun-soaked Saturday. It was so beautiful, actually, that I was a little disappointed to be spending a good deal of it indoors. Those regrets were instantly wiped away when I stepped into Etré Belle’s lovely lobby. The chic, strictly white and blue spa quickly made you forget you were in a shopping center, as did the thoughtful employees. Just waiting for my aesthetician was soothing, though nothing compared to the pampering that lay ahead.



I was not a facial virgin, but never have I ever seen so many gadgets involved in treating my skin. After a lymphatic drainage therapy kick started my detoxification, my attentive aesthetician performed a little magic on my face, neck, and (my most favorite word) décolleté. My skin was deeply cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated, which left my face feeling clean for days following the facial. I’ve actually never seen the visible effects of a facial last so long. There were lots of lovely little add ons throughout the process as well, like paraffin wax for my hands and feet and a fantastic neck massage. The facial will run you a cool $269, but I kid you not: this was the greatest facial my 25-year-old self had ever received. (Mic drop.)


Etré Belle Massage

(Sorry. Let me pick the mic back up again. On with the review!)

The moment was finally here. I knew I’d leave that room a changed woman – a massaged woman. Suddenly, I was terrified. Would it be painful? Would we need a safe word?

All my silly questions were quickly put to rest within the first five minutes. It was so lovely and calming that the hour flew by a little too quickly for my taste. I had the same thought that I had after I riding Splash Mountain for the first time: When can I do that again?


Needless to say, I enjoyed my Etré Belle experience. The icing on the cake? Neiman Marcus is only a few feet away after leaving the spa.

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