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Where to Shop: The Sporty Sandal

Play it cool with your comfort.

Sure, some have deemed the rise of sporty sandals “the ugly shoe trend,” but you can still look cool while staying comfortable this spring and summer. How do I know? Let me tell you an embarrassing story. I wore a uniform in high school. It was a lovely plaid kilt with a button down oxford. Nothing new and exciting there. Our shoes, however, were not so run of the mill: Birkenstock clogs and knee-length socks. So yeah, I know a little something about unattractive footwear.

Before you shed a tear for my tragic teen wardrobe, keep in mind that it was an all-girls school, so the teen boys rarely saw me rocking this fashion-forward look. Also, we were fully aware of how ugly our shoes were, but gosh darn it if those weren’t the comfiest things I’ve ever worn in a public setting.

Luckily for me and the ladies who’ve attended St. Cecilia Academy, the sporty sandal has made a comeback. Luckily for the world, most of these sandals look nothing like the mess of a shoe I wore in high school. They’ve been all over runways this year and have adopted a much more feminine look. From designers who have created their own version of the Birkenstock, to shops featuring an entirely new take on the familiar sandal, we’ve rounded up a few locals stores where you can find these cool, comfy kicks.

So go ahead, indulge your inner Sporty Spice and pick up a pair at these Dallas shops. Just don’t wear knee-length socks.