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BeautyCon Dallas Q&A: Kandee Johnson

By Caitlin Clark |

Kandee Johnson BeautyconFor the first time ever, BeautyCon is heading to the Big D, bringing with it top digital fashion and beauty influencers and their ever-growing fan bases. The day-long experience geared toward the tech savvy and socially connected YouTube generation aims to bring fans, brands and creators together in one place this Saturday, March 14 at Fair Park.

We reached out to one of BeautyCon’s top influencers, Kandee Johnson, to find out more about BeautyCon Dallas, what it’s like to have millions of YouTube followers, and what’s on her Dallas to-do list.


How did you get involved in BeautyCon Dallas?
I have been a part of all the Beauty Con’s since the very first one in LA. I think Texas is such an awesome state full of sweet and wonderful people with big hearts and I was so excited to come and meet everyone here!


Full disclosure, I spent way more time watching your costume-makeup tutorials than I original meant to. They werre just so captivating! What is your favorite makeup transformation you’ve ever posted?
Thank you so much! Oh wow, I have so much fun with all the fun costume looks, so it’s hard to pick one, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the first ones I did like The Queen of Hearts, Snow White (although I wish I hadn’t chosen to sing Snow White songs in it—so embarrassing now) and Edward Scissorhands! But recently I had fun doing the Barbie transformation and Kylie Jenner was pretty fun, too.


You have such an incredible following and you really do a wonderful job connecting with your fans through social media. Do you find inspiration from them?
They inspire me all the time! It is like a friendship, so I ask what they want to see and try to make videos that they want. My dad died very suddenly a couple of years ago, and even though I couldn’t bring myself to make videos for a couple months, all of my “Kandee Family” poured their love and prayers. Some of the things they said to encourage me filled my heart with more love and encouragement to keep going and to even be able to show people how you can go on and live bigger and bolder in honor of the one you love.


You’ll be participating in the #GirlProbs panel at BeautyCon, answering questions and giving advice on bullying, getting through high school, and how to talk to crushes. What message are you hoping to get convey to your fans?
What I always want more than anything—more than teaching a great smoky eye—is to inspire and encourage people. I know all the hard and hurtful things I’ve been through in life can help someone feel like, “Oh, if Kandee has dealt with that, I can handle it also!” I hope I can give advice that I wish someone would’ve told me to help me deal with those hard times. People can be mean and bullying is way worse now than when I was in high school. We didn’t have Facebook and Twitter!


How do you think social media and online media have influenced the beauty industry?
I think it has turned the beauty industry around. Before people had no idea what new products were coming out, and no one posted pictures or videos of how they achieved any looks with makeup. Now you can find a billion reviews on any particular product. There are tutorials everywhere on how to use all kinds of products and hundreds of thousands of people posting pictures and videos of their makeup and what they used. A brand can get famous without one dollar of advertising in a magazine now. All they need are just a few people using their product on YouTube or Instagram and they become popular.


This is Dallas’ first time hosting BeautyCon. What do you think makes Texas a good addition to BeautyCon’s lineup?
Dallas is a great city, full of beautiful, loving people that have huge, Texas-sized hearts.


What are you most excited about experiencing during your time here in Dallas?
Well I’ve been to Dallas several times because it’s where my boyfriend Michael Castro is from. It’s such a cool city, with lots of good food. Plus Northpark Mall is—there’s a M.A.C store, Make Up For Ever store is huge. I don’t know what that mall doesn’t have.





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