Where to Shop for Your Valentine in Dallas

Every couple has a persona and oftentimes, that can define what kind of gift you want to give your someone special. Do you and your Valentine thrive on making each other chuckle? Do you like eating great meals together? Or are you just starting something up? We’ve got ideas for where to shop for every type of couple out there.

The New Relationship
Shop Here: Gypsy Wagon
If you’ve only been in a relationship for what seems like a minute, but you still want to show your Valentine that you care, it’s all about the thought. So think along the lines of paper: a nice card, a calendar with a date or two penciled in. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s the sentiment that counts.
Why? The well-stocked paper goods at this Henderson store make us swoon.

The Traveling Couple
Shop Here: Taschen Library
A new day, a new destination. If you love nothing more than hopping a plane to a new locale with your Valentine, an old-school destination guidebook (and fine, we’ll admit it: a plane ticket, too) is the perfect gift for your travel companion.
Why? The store stocks 24-hour guidebooks to different cities around the globe.

The Funny Couple
Shop Here: Dolly Python
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your funny Valentine. If you’re in a relationship that keeps you laughing, pick a gift that will do the same. This fun, whimsical shop has cards and knick-knacks galore that are bizarre and sure to keep you chuckling.
Why? The mishmash of products at this store will undoubtedly remind you of an inside joke that you share with your someone special.

The Cultured Couple
Shop Here: The DMA Gift Shop
Call it a two-in-one idea: Browse the art at the museum, and while you’re there, pop in to the gift shop, which is stocked with super cool home accessories and books.
Why? From local fare to exhibition takeaways, this museum shop is filled with gifts for the artful eye. Take home cool accessories like ceramic vases, ultra-chic brass tic tac toe sets, or wooden dolls.

The Foodies
Shop Here: Scardello
On Valentine’s Day, it goes without saying that there will be a little wining and dining, but if your favorite activity is eating, this shop won’t disappoint.
Why? The store stocks artisan cheeses and wines, but our pick are baskets filled with cheese, baguettes, dried fruit, nuts and jam.  Take your sweetie on a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather while you’re at it.


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