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Winter Skin Tips for the Dallas Girl

How to keep skin happy in the coldest months.

‘Tis the season for harsh winds and dry air that bring with them pesky problems like dull, flaky, or dry skin. Here, we consult with three experts on how to care for your skin this winter, and which products make complexions utlra-glowy even in the coldest months.

The problem: Dry, dehydrated skin.

The Solution:  If you’re experiencing dry skin, it’s time to exfoliate. Dead skin cells build up creating a dry, lackluster appearance, which prevents your favorite face cream from nourishing the skin underneath. Sloughing off that dead layer allows your products to penetrate deeper into the dermis, solving dry skin woes. Is your winter skin too sensitive for a scrub? Opt for a gentle formula, like Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant. – Sarah Payne, Senior Esthetician at Hiatus Dallas

The problem: Caring for oily skin during the winter.

The Solution: It is important for all skin types to use a moisturizer during the dry, winter months. For oily skin types, water-based (oil free) moisturizers  prevent the skin from getting too dry.  If complexions become dehydrated, the oil glands produces more sebum to compensate for the water loss. This, in turn, can lead to acne. The right moisturizer can help to replenish water and hydrate the skin without causing breakouts. During the day, I recommend a moisturizer with SPF 30 for daily wear.  For oily skin, a great over-the-counter option is Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30. – Mary Hurley, M.D. at North Dallas Dermatology Associates

The problem: Dull, flaky, sensitive skin with a damaged moisture barrier

The Solution: A lightweight oil will deliver exceptional barrier repair benefits to dry, parched skin. From the inside out, it can help to reveal soft, smooth and radiant skin. Rouleau suggests her own formulation, Renée Rouleau Pro Remedy Oil, because it contains a blend of 12 carefully selected natural oils. The added benefit of potent antioxidants will protect against free radicals to combat the signs of premature aging. – Renée Rouleau, D Magazine Best Esthetician 


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