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What’s in Koch Designer Nicole Musselman’s Bag?

The contents of her bag are as cool as her ready-to-wear collections.
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Every season, designer Nicole Musselman succeeds in a new Koch collection that makes us say, “Oh! I need that.” This fall, it’s her whimsical cashmere knits with crossed guns and bears, sweaters with open back draping details, mini skirts, and printed and patterned blouses and button-ups made to be layered. Resort 2015 ups the ante with wrap dresses, tunis, and a pocketed vest in light neutrals, blues, and yellows that give you that that I’m-cool-and-I’m-not-even-trying look. Take a peek at Nicole handbags must-haves.

Daily uniform: Koch flirty skirt, oversized Koch boyfriend sweater, Isabel Marant or Rodarte boots + Deszo jewelry
Theme song: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Go-to dessert: I’m a closet candy eater, so glass jars filled up with Hot Tamales, Sweetarts, Starbursts, Runts, and sour Jelly Beans


1 These [white and green] are notebooks I use for work. They’re for inspiration, travel, writing. Everything starts in these. It Started in Naples was the movie that was the inspiration for our spring collection for 2015. All of it’s filmed in Capri, so we did a resort collection that was seven days in Capri and then we went forward and did spring. It’s about mixing Italian glamour with this sort of American casualness. My son is reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for school, so I’m reading the same author, C.S. Lewis. The Screwtape Letters is such a good book. So we’re reading together.

2 This is one of our scarves. I always keep one or two in my bag. I’m always cold and I love taking them on the plane or in a restaurant.

3 I’ve got the Mophie cases to keep me charged up.

4 I use these in my Day-timer and I love them. I like the particular brand. They don’t leak through to the other side of the pages.

5 I used to do ostrich bags, so this is one that I kept from a long time ago. We did more bags this year, and I think we’re going to do those again in different colors with different stitching around.

6 My spring line sheet. It’ll wind up going into a bound book. I use these books for all of my designing, so when I start a season, I start with a new book and all of the designs, pictures, inspiration we put it in there. All the notes from each meeting from each collection is in here.  The gray is my lookbook for fall.

7 These [green] sunglasses were a gift I got from a friend and the white ones, I don’t even know where they came from. The sweatband is from my son. He’s obsessed with Chelsea soccer and anything in the European Premier League.

8 This bag is Sara Beltran by Dezso who’s a friend of mine and does all the great jewelry. The thirteen necklace is a good luck necklace that Maddy McKinnley, who does the jewelry for my company made in honor of my dad.

9 Dr. Lancer, who I love–he’s a dermatologist–has a big line of products that I use. The sweet drops for iced tea. They’re supposed to be healthier than the others. I love Tata Harper. The rejuvenating serum you can use to put a little bit on and feel a little betetr when you’re tired. The Laura Mercier [Bare Baby] was part of a whole collection of nudes. I love them because they look really natural.

10 My son likes to play with this Rubik’s cube. It’s got modern art on it.

Peek into her purses.


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