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What’s in Todd Fiscus’ Bag?

The illustrious soiree thrower lets us take a peek in him Phillip Lim.

Todd Fiscus’ event planning career began with this high school prom. Now, he’s arguably the city’s most illustrious soiree thrower. (His client roster spans Neiman Marcus, the Dallas Cowboys, AMFAR Gala, Eli Manning’s wedding, and more.) If you can dream it up, he will make it happen. Take a look at what the party guru keeps in his bag. Todd-fewthings Favorite party cocktail: Margarita Theme song: Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” Something that would never be in his closet: A men’s full-length fur


His Phillim Lim bag is one of many bags in his large collection.

1. I always have blue trip files. They have everything that’s going to happen for the week in them. My monthly calendar his color coded.

2. I always have a magazine of some kind. I have to buy one in the airport.

3. I’ve got my laptop, iPad, Jawbone, phone, and computer. I keep all these with me all the time, which is why my bag weighs 19.2 pounds. I’ve got my Lucy Wrubel iPod with me always. She gave it to Ceron and I for our wedding. Our “honeymoon iPod,” is what she called it. And then there’s cable hell.

4. I’ve had this wallet for 20 years. I bought it from Ken Knight’s old store in the quadrangle.

5. The first ones are McQueen. They’re my soon-to-be-changed-into-prescription sunglasses. Then I always keep an extra pair of regular glasses. I’m always petrified I’m going to break mine. And then I’ve got my regular sunglasses.

6. I lose everything, so I have to dumb-proof myself and keep everything in these bags. I write on the outside so I can remember to put it back in the right bag. I always keep a tape measure and laser pointer.

7. This bag is for medicine. Dayquil, aspirin, Advil. The essentials.

8. I always have a protein bar or protein shake. You never know when you’re going to get stuck. I don’t know why there’s a wine cork in my bag, but that’s from this past weekend.

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