Sunkissed Scent Giveaway: Lavanilla Vanilla Summer

LavanillaI’m already a fan of Lavanilla, a brand that aims to make the fragrance experience a healthier one. Perfumes, if you are unaware, are full of chemicals. Lavanilla, on the other hand, focuses on essential oils and leaves out the mineral oils, synthetic dyes and fragrances, chemical sunscreens, aluminum, and sulfates. Typically with perfumes on the natural end of the spectrum, I find they don’t last long without the powers of synthetic ingredients, but Lavanilla leaves a lingering sweetness that lasts all day. Everything the company makes is vanilla-based (Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Blackberry, etc). I wear the Pure Vanilla perfume almost daily and slather on the Vanilla Lavender body butter nightly, but the limited-edition Vanilla Summer variation has me drooling. The list of the notes alone should sell you: tropical mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk, island sugar cane, and Madagascar vanilla. That’s a serious vacation elixir. I’ve got one to give away. Enter here to win. (If you aren’t feeling lucky, the line’s available at most Sephora stores.)


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