A Box of V-Day Love For Your Bestie, Courtesy of Packed Party

If she's into being mushy, send her a Cue Cupid box of love-themed trinkets; if she's in the anti-V-Day camp, go with the You Don't Need Him Anyway kit.

Packed Party Valentine's Day
A small sneak peek into the V-Day box. Owner Jordan Jones likes to keep the element of surprise.

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I watched Gossip Girl while eating Italian food and drinking red wine in bed with one of my favorite girlfriends. It was my favorite Valentine’s Day to date, and it included everything I loved: said bestie, booze, gluttony in a judgment-free zone, and Chuck Bass. It was neither here nor there whether or not a man was in the picture, but, I’m pretty sure, every spoken-for lady in my life was touched with a smidgen of envy when I Instagrammed our full-throttle hedonism. (Yeah, enjoy your steak dinner in a tight dress and heels–I’m going to polish off another tortellini in my pjs.)

But I think tokens of affection for the pillars of support in our lives are the best part of the holiday.

Cue: the Cue Cupid kit from locally-based Packed Party. Remember when I gushed about Jordan Jones’ darling party boxes? She’s got Valentine’s Day in the works right now. A hand-assembled care package of love-themed trinkets (and a requisite chocolate treat) can be shipped to your gal pal wherever she is for the big day. If she’s in the anti-V-Day camp, go with the You Don’t Need Him Anyway bundle. Equally delightful.

Packed Party


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