Get a Head Full of Curls in 20 Minutes with Conair’s New Curl Secret. Seriously.

I have long hair. Like, really long hair. People assume because I’ve cultivated so much of it that I know something about it. I don’t. I’ve had countless moments in coffee shop lines, cursing the backs of luscious, curly-haired heads wondering, How? How did she get those soft ringlets? I even started telling people, “I’m over that look.” But mostly it was because I couldn’t figure it out. Not anymore (she says in an infomercial ad voice). Conair’s new Curl Secret tool delivers on its promise. You take a small section of hair, slide it into the center of this gadget, and it gets slurped up like a spaghetti noodle. (Yes, it’s slightly scary.) It’ll beep to let you know when sufficient heat has been applied and you release the hair. Magic. These aren’t wide, fluffy Cosmo cover curls–blowout bars are the secret to that–but narrower, more defined curls. Examples here, here, and here. Sections of hair must be small, but the process is quick. I did my whole head in 20 minutes. These purple hair eaters are sold all over: Ulta, Target, Walgreen’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and more. Just $99. Do it.

Conair Curl Secret


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