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Holiday Gift Guide: Help Your Loved Ones Thank You

You deserve it.

Are you sick of buying presents for your nature-loving loved one yet? Don’t they have enough under the tree, what with the Mecox bench you already purchased and the Anthropologie birdhouse you picked out for them? Here’s what you do: Buy them something that they can use to tell you how lovely and thoughtful and generous you are. Something with which they can wax poetic about your present-buying prowess. Something like this set of Rifle Paper Co. notecards from Gypsy Wagon (or any of the  too-precious-for-words RPC paper offerings they have on hand). This pack will cost you $20 for eight. Your outdoorsy pal will like that they have floral themes on them. You’ll like getting that good-looking card in the mail about two weeks from now. We all win.

Now that’s what I call a Christmas miracle.