Most Wanted: All the Pretty Pamela Love Amethyst Jewels at Elements, a Kataoka Crown Ring, and James Perse Everything

Pamela Love Rise holiday 2013, Charlotte Olympia mask and slippers, jonathan adler matches, james perse dallas
photography courtesy of retailers/brands

1. Kataoka Rose Cut Diamond Crown ring from Ylang 23. You have to see this ring in the flesh to appreciate its dainty magnificence, but it’s truly one of the prettiest pieces of jewelry I’ve had on my hands. It’s like you borrowed it off the head of a royal fairy and slipped it on your finger.

2. This Side Panel Skinny Dress from the new James Perse shop in Highland Park Village. And okay, every other soft, cotton jersey tee, tank, dress, and sweater in beautiful shades of neutral in the store. My James Perse pieces are my favorite things in my wardrobe.

3. Jonathan Adler fireplace matches from Birchbox. The only way to take a cozy fire up a notch is to set it ablaze with a match from a chevron print Jonathan Adler canister. Obviously.

4. The Rise collection of jewelry freshly in at Elements. It’s Pamela Love. It’s amethyst. It’s devastatingly exciting.

5. Charlotte Olympia’s kitty slippers and eye mask set. Because, well, look at  it.


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