How to Get Foundation Out of Your Clothing: A Cheap Trick That Really Works

How to remove foundation from clothing

Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams

As you can imagine, when you spend days working with the most creative types in the fashion industry (photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc.), you walk away inspired. In the case of the recent 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2013 three-day photo shoot (sneak peek here), I walked away with a valuable quick fix tip for clumsy types. [Raising hand.] When assisting a wardrobe change led a smidgen of face powder to the collar of my stark-white blouse, makeup artist Lisa Williams had it covered. The IA Agency beauty guru has worked on the famous faces of Heidi Klum, Giselle, and Michael Jackson. In other words, girl knows her stuff. The solution: pick up the stain with tape.

Grab that sticky stuff, press it onto that devastating blemish and peel back. “It works to lift and not put the stain deeper into the fabric before getting it wet or cleaned,” Lisa says. This will not completely remove the damage, but it’ll make a serious visible difference before stopping at the cleaners.

Note: Lisa prefers clear packing tape, but says any tape will work.

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