Working Up a Sweat: Our Review of New Terlingo Cycle

Terlingo Cycle Dallas
photography by Teresa Rafidi/Gecko Media

When John Terlingo told us he was opening his own spin studio, we were stoked. The man developed a serious cult following at Beyond Pedaling and his cult followers have seriously killer gams. We waited patiently to get our buns on a seat at Terlingo Cycle, which opened last month. When we were offered a complimentary class to check it out, we scheduled immediately. Our review below:

First Five Minutes of Class: Our peppy instructor, Michael McCray, sets us off to a bouncy beat and gets us into the sticky, high resistance zone in this rhythm workout. I’m thankful for the darkened room and (LED) candlelit vibe because I’m instantly pumped up and my crazy, endorphin-induced smile could easily be misread as rabid. The playlist is an eclectic mix of indie, pop, and what I think might be a remix of a Brandenburg Concerto.

Middle of Class: I’ve converted my high pony to a fun bun and wish I had grabbed a towel, but otherwise, I’m still going strong as we move into work with weights (there’s a wall with little guys ranging from one to three pounds). As I look around at my fellow spinmates, I realize I could have flipped on a screen on the bike to track my workout, but I’ve apparently missed this memo…and the chance to track my calories. Oh well, I really only care about rpms, because Michael keeps yelling numbers like 85! and 110! I switch it on just in time for a sprint.

Class is Over: I’m feeling energized and ready to take on my Thursday evening date with a Gloria’s margarita. The class miraculously worked the stiffness out of my hamstrings (courtesy of an SMU weightlifting course) and fully engaged my core, arms, shoulders, etc., so I feel as though I’ve definitely done my body good. Maybe I’ve even earned some guac…

Next Day: I’m not stiff or sore, so I can traipse around campus with ease, and unlike many stationary bikes, this state-of-the-art Schwinn was quite comfortable and left my bum unscathed.

What I Love Most: It’s not a bunch of Lululemon-clad, Highland Park ladies with blowouts. The mix of ages and skill levels made the class very enjoyable. The staffers were friendly, professional, and just really darn good at their jobs. A+ to them.

What I Love Least: Call me crazy, but 45 minutes is a smidge too short. I loved our cool down to Celtic music, but was secretly wishing we could crank up the Britney and ride for a few more songs.

Cost: $20 per class, with packages available

The Takeaway: The studio is beautiful, the bikes are user-friendly, and if you have time to peruse, the T Shop is delightful (leather leggings, The O key rings, faux fur vests, and even army pants and flip-flops). Friendly staffers and smiley participants made it all the more enjoyable.

Lauren Adams is a ShopTalk intern.


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