Lululemon Doesn’t Appear to Be a Fan of Partners Card for The Family Place

photography courtesy of TK
photography courtesy of Paige Flink, executive director at The Family Place

Every year, the shopaholics of Dallas have the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser for The Family Place, a Dallas-based family violence service provider, called Partners Card, a $70 card that provides a 20 percent discount at hundreds of participating stores (such as local boutiques, The Gypsy Wagon and Elements, and national designer stores including Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade). Proceeds from the card purchases go directly to The Family Place’s programs. Lululemon, the beloved yoga apparel shop, is not a supporting retailer, and, based on the look of their weekend window display, not a big fan. Paige Flink, executive director of The Family Place, posted the photo above on her Facebook page this weekend. It was snapped late Saturday afternoon at NorthPark. The text reads: “we do partners yoga, not partners card.” So why the offensive snub to the Partners Card campaign? I’ve dialed the store to find out, but phone calls are going directly to voicemail.

According to Flink, store employees told her Saturday instead of offering a discount for The Family Place, which corporate wouldn’t allow,  they were offering yoga to The Family Place. Flink says, at this time, that isn’t true.

Fans of The Family Place have let Lululemon know of their disappointment in their advertisement. Comments to their Facebook page include the following:

Very disappointed in your negative advertisement at North Park. Partners Card helps save lives from domestic violence.


Lululemon Northpark…SHAME ON YOU for making a mockery of The Family Place and their Patners Card fundraiser. It’s bad enough you chose not to participate but you went way too far when you put a sign on your storefront window boasting that fact!

I’ve been told the slogan has been removed from the window display, but without making a trip myself, I can’t confirm. In the meantime, if you’re interested in supporting The Family Place, there are more than 750 stores on board–full list here–and you can buy your card at select retailers or online.

“This is our biggest fundraiser,” Flink says. “There are so many fantastic stores that support this. It’s a community effort.”

Thank you, Jeanne Prejean, for the alert on this interesting news. 

Update: Lululemon’s reponse via Facebook:

Hi everyone,
Thank you for sharing this with us and for expressing your concerns. I want you all to know your thoughts and insights to are very important to us, and we have reached out to the Northpark store and have shared your feedback.

This window was not intended to be offensive, instead, it was meant to celebrate our love of yoga. I can understand your concerns for how this was perceived and want to assure you that while we don’t participate in Partners card, the Northpark team is supporting the charity through the gift of yoga. We are in communication with The Family Place and working on what we can create together. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


  • dgirl

    I agree that Lululemon’s window was beyond stupid but no one should be bullied into participating in Partner’s Card, and that is exactly what this looks like, Ms. Flink. Every business has the right to support whichever organizations they want to and The Family Place has no right to shame and bully (isn’t that what you’re trying to prevent???) into doing something you want them to do.

  • milk&cookies

    whoa, way too snarky Lululemon. Participate or not up to
    ‘corporate’ but the storefront notice as done is a negative

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  • yvonnecr

    DGirl.. don’t think they are bulling Lululemon just pointing out that they could phrased it a bit differently.. it appeared that they were slamming Partners Cards.. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION… not stirring up .. just an opine!

  • Raya Ramsey

    @dgirl, I don’t there there was any bullying involved to my knowledge. Flink told me she simply asked if they could remove the text because it was offensive. She understands some companies aren’t able to offer a discount, but usually, they simply tell shoppers they aren’t participating rather than advertise it in this way.

  • I just got a call from the Lululemon store manager. She is committed to making something positive happen for clients of The Family Place and wants to be sure supporters of Partners Card and The Family Place know that. We can work it out.

  • dgirl

    My bad – I though this quote cam from Flink: “Lululemon Northpark…SHAME ON YOU for making a mockery of The Family Place and their Patners Card fundraiser. It’s bad enough you chose not to participate but you went way too far when you put a sign on your storefront window boasting that fact!”

    And, the sign was offensive, stupid, STOOOPID. Lulu as a company is cratering and this doesn’t help.

  • Libby Boeck

    I feel that they don’t get it. They keep focusing on the whole we didn’t participate BUT. . .shut-up. It’s not about participating, it’s the one liner. I worked retail on Knox for three years and I have no doubt the store associates were tired or customers asking if there were doing partners card or why aren’t you and they thought they were being cute with their window message. But they weren’t being cute and they still don’t get it.

  • ruserious

    Seriously folks, why are you looking at $70 pants and $50 tops for yoga. Fleece or t-shrits and shorts work. Ever seen a guru doing yoga? It is not in fancy clothes. Only in Dallas and other material places where primadonnas and fashionistas are central themes to fitness. The cause is great, but why are you shopping in NorthPark when you could shop at Kohls and donate the rest?

  • Tom

    Nobody’s bullying lululemon. If they don’t want to participate, they don’t have to. They would be one of the thousands of businesses that don’t.

    What’s offensive isn’t that they won’t participate. It’s that they then feel the need to call out the partners card, as though their choice not to participate is striking some sort of principled stand.

  • Vik

    Who cares… Really. Let then do what they want, if you don’t like it don’t cry about it just don’t shop there…there are bigger problems in the world.

  • jim

    Yeah it seems more like partner card is now bullying companies into participating. Why not get the people to donate directly versus some trumped up card. Better yet why not get your state to not cut money to women in every state budget?

  • J Smith

    lululemon shows an astounding lack of awareness,despite its own corporate history and experience.

  • jam

    No more s hopping at Lily until a change…for me and all my friends and acquaintances!!

  • jam

    Lulu… why…?? I used to spend much money there…

  • Jdallas

    Everyone relax. It’s going to be ok. Lululemon effed up on this one and will most likely learn from this. Maybe their sales will suffer, maybe not. We all make mistakes. Forgive and forget. Let go, let God. Who cares. People are starving elsewhere. Obama has messed this country up. This is a non issue. dah!

  • Yoga Yogi

    I am glad Lululemon is offering partner’s yoga in lieu of donations to Family Place. I’ve always been a big believer that the Feathered Peacock Pose could fend off drunken, abusive stepdads.

  • Brandy

    ^^^REALLY? Wow. No one is being bullied into participating in PC. It’s every stores choice or not and we don’t bash those that opt out. Period.