Head to the Flea. Make a Beeline for Vera Jo Jewelry.

Vera Jo
A few of Vera Jo’s offerings: Vintage turquoise, mouse pelvis necklaces (reminiscent of The Shining’s goods), a beautiful collar of arrows, mourning rings, and All for the Mountain Rings

The Dallas Flea is finally upon us. The annual handmade shopping shindig is happening this Saturday at South Side on Lamar. (Pardon the unintended alliteration.) Scoot on over for locally made giftables, vintage things, clothing, and especially, for the baubles from Vera Jo. The jewelry project is a collaborative effort of Holly Shipley and Vicki Tollemache, of now-closed The Shining jewelry store.

“Holly and I are kinda the perfect combo,” Vicki says. “She loves bigger, more glamorous statement pieces, and I am still fixating on the darker, smaller items similar to what I carried at The Shining. There is something for everyone at prices between $10 to $250.”

I have all kinds of things from The Dallas Flea over the years: a restored, lavender-painted lingerie chest, jewelry from Amber Venz and F. is for Frank, locally made soap, printed tees from Dowdy Studio, and a smattering of vintage things for home and arm. Just $5 is your entry fee to glorious afternoon of shopping for meaningful trinkets and home decor.